Vintage jewelry and pieces with unusual colors and styles are expected to be in great demand in 2019. With trends turning toward making a statement with one’s accessories, shopping vintage pieces is a great way to get the look you want. At Sandel’s Loan, we have one of the best area selections of the types of vintage pieces you may be looking for.

Estate jewelry and older pieces provide the perfect opportunity for the wearer to make a statement. Unique styling and coloring stand out on simpler clothing. Combine a vintage piece with an understated modern piece for a truly personal look.

Today’s trend is encouraging layering and stacking of necklaces and bracelets to create bold color statements. Also on trend are charm bracelets and necklaces, with charms being everything from colorful stones to old coins.

Hoop earrings that are bold and chunky are the choice for 2019. For simpler clothing styles, drop earrings with bright charms are the trend.

At Sandel’s Loan, our collection of vintage jewelry is substantial and ever changing, so there is always an opportunity to locate the perfect piece for your wardrobe or special event. Shop for virtually any type or style of necklace, bracelet or earring, or peruse our collection of loose stones, charms and coins to create a piece that perfectly fits the 2019 look you choose.

Stop in today and often for quality jewelry at rock bottom prices.