The high cost of the holidays, from paying for gifts to funding food and drinks for family gatherings, can be a big source of stress for many. Often the solution is running up credit card balances and picking up an extra job to pay for it.

You can stay ahead of the expense with items right in your home that you no longer need. If you are like most people, certain places in your home tend to be collection zones for rarely used and unwanted items. At Sandel’s Loan, we’ll turn those items into instant cash.

Items with real value could be anywhere in your house. The key is knowing where to look.

Kitchen and dining room – Look in upper cabinets that you need a step stool to reach, deep corner cabinets, and buffet cabinets and drawers.

What you may find: vintage dishes and collectibles

Living spaces – Look in bookcases, storage trunks, cabinets in your entertainment center and window seats.

What you may find: books, collectibles, dvds, and electronics, including playstations and Xboxes.

Bedroom and foyer closets – Search deep corners and upper shelves.

What you may find: musical instruments, cameras, and sporting items, including guns and golf clubs.

Basement and garage – Search deep shelves and bins.

What you may find: tools and collectibles

Dresser drawers and trinket boxes – Look in small boxes and satchels and empty trinket boxes to get to the bottom.

What you may find: vintage jewelry, scrap gold, gemstones and coins.

Your unused and unwanted items have value at Sandel’s Loan. We have professional appraisers on hand to provide quick estimates and a steady supply of shoppers who can use the items you have been storing in corners and closets.

You may also consign items at Sandel’s so you can have more control over the selling price.

Sandel’s has been a top buyer and seller of scrap gold, guns and collectibles for more than 50 years. Stop in today and start funding your holidays!